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Kuhnast UV-inte160 UV-integrator

Product Numbers: 201332681222

Price: US $0

Product description:Kuhnast? UV-inte160,UV-integrator Energy + strength + temperature + computer curve 1 test OK

Usage: measurement of UV intensity UV energy, operating temperature, including software, intelligent memory can upload data to the computer.
Wavelength range: UV 280 - 400 nm MAX: 365nm
Input power: 0 - 5,000 mW /
Measuring range: 0 - 2,000 mW/cm2
Display range: 0 - 36,000 mJ/cm2
Energy Display: 2 x 16 bit LCD LCD
Measurement accuracy: ± 5%
Measuring temperature: 0-120 ° C
Sampling speed: 0.01 seconds (100 times / sec.)
Recording period: 120 seconds.
Instrument Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium battery
Instrument power consumption: 18 uA
Battery life: 3 years
Instrument Dimensions: 140 × 70 × 12 mm
Instrument Weight: 250 g
Working limit: no more than 10 seconds in the 120 ° C measurement environment
Instrument functions:
1. Instrument equipped with a high-precision UV sensor and high-performance microprocessor;
2. Integrated UV Software, strength, energy, measured temperature value input to the computer for easy viewing;
Automatic shutdown function;
Instrument behind UV sensor is covered with a special protective material
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