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MD-7822 Coal moisture meter

Product Numbers: 201334161521

Price: US $0

Product description:Coal moisture meter MD-7822 uses a microcomputer technology (CPU) to make more accurate measurements with automatic temperature compensation function, large-screen LCD display with backlighting to ensure clear reading, ignoring the poor, a dedicated backlight control switch, easy save battery, testable class coal deposits

MD7822 coal moisture tester 
Using micro-computer technology (CPU) to make more accurate measurements 
There are automatic temperature compensation function 
Large-screen LCD display with backlighting, ensuring reading 
Number of clear, ignoring the poor 
A dedicated backlight control switch for easy battery saving 
Moisture test range: 2% to 30% 
Resolution: 0.5% 
Temperature measurement range: -10 ~ 60 ° C (14 ~ 140 ° F) 
Maximum error: ± 2 ° C (± 4 ° F) 
Resolution: 1 ° C (2 ° F) 
Operating temperature: -10 ~ 40 ° C (14 ~ 104 ° F) 
Operating Humidity: 0 ~ 70% Rh 
Automatic locking feature readings 
Low voltage prompt is displayed automatically 
Power supply: 4x1.5V AA batteries 
Size: Host: 174x73x38mm 
Probe: 365x43x25mm
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