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Product Numbers: 201334142914

Price: US $0

Product description:Nitto KOHKI ACH-20 pneumatic air chisel solid peeling machine does not come into contact with the workpiece to combat operations if not prevent air play. Low vibration design reduces the burden on the operator, suitable for prolonged use.


The AIR CHIPPER compact design of pneumatic solid peeling machine is suitable for any stripping work is very economical and practical tools.
The chisel head replacement is also very convenient, linear design can play its superior performance in a small space.
ACH-16/ACH-20 also has the following features:
Air chisel did not come into contact with the workpiece, then do not blow operation to prevent air play.
low-vibration design reduces the burden on the operator, suitable for prolonged use.
unique compact design and weighs only 1kg. (ACH-16)

Technical Specifications
Model: ACH-20
Pressure: 0.59 (6) min-1 (rpm)
Air consumption (no load): 0.21 m3 / min
No load impact number: 5,700 min-1
Chisel bushing: ?10.5mm
Hose Size: 3/8 inch
Net weight: 1.2 kg
Standard pay case goods
? flat chisel 20 x120: 1 Ge
? sleeve PT3 / 8 x NPT3 / 8: 1
? hose connector PT3 / 8 x 3/8: 1

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