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HT-6510A / D Shore hardness tester

Product Numbers: 201334103530

Price: US $0

Product description:Product Model: HT-6510A HT-6510D Shore A hardness tester is used to measure the soft plastic, rubber, synthetic rubber, felt, leather, platen hardness; The Shore D hardness is used to measure including the hardness of the hard plastic and hard rubber, for example: thermoplastic plastic, hard resin, flooring materials, bowling, etc., particularly suitable for on-site measurement of hardness of the rubber and plastic finished.

Standard: DIN53505, ASTMD2240, ISO7619, JISK7215
Display parameters: hardness value, average, maximum
Measuring range :0-100HA HD
Accuracy: <1% H
Resolution: 0.1H
Automatic shutdown
With RS232C interface
Use environment: Temperature :0-40 ℃ Humidity :10-90% RH
Power: 4 AAA batteries
Dimensions: 162x65x28mm
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