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Swiss TETKO screen tonometer

Product Numbers: 20133495141

Price: US $0

Product description:The tension meter readings pointer rotation beginning inaccurate readings of the first lap, second lap pointer rotation is the normal reading) and gauze flick next tonometer

The Swiss the SEFAR company TETKO screen tension meter

Screen-the type printing tasks class tension (N / cm)
Ultra-high-strength wire mesh board and quality ruler 16.0-20.0
High strength wire mesh multicolor four-color overprint machine 16.0-20.0
High precision ultra-fine degree screen-high-precision multi-layer circuit printed 25.0-30.0
High-precision polyester mesh (the standard monofilament) multicolor and four-color overprint 8.0-12.0
Ordinary polyester mesh (the standard monofilament) flat objects 8.0-12.0
No dragon screen surfaces or different surface asperities
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