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Diffuse reflectance UV-V Application
Date:2013/8/29 9:01:38
UV difference spectra
uv ultraviolet :10-400nm wavelength of the spectrum , UV-V wavelengths above 390nm ; UVD 100 ~ 200nm wavelength for UVD, also known as vacuum ultraviolet rays .

UVA wavelength 320-390nm, also known as long-wave ultraviolet light shading effect .
It has a strong penetration, can penetrate most transparent glass and plastic .
Sunlight contains UVA can penetrate more than 98% of the ozone layer and the clouds reach the Earth's surface , UVA can reach the skin's dermal layer , destruction of elastic fibers and collagen fibers, our skin tanning.
1,360 nm wavelength UVA rays meet insect phototaxis response curve , can be made trap lamp .
2,300-420nm wavelength UVA rays off completely visible through special tinted glass lamp, only to 365nm as the center radiating near- UV light, can be used for mineral identification, stage decoration , paper money and other places.

UVB wavelength 280-320nm, also called wave ultraviolet erythema effect .
Medium penetration, its shorter wavelength absorbed by the glass portions will be transparent , sunlight contains ultraviolet most absorbed by the ozone layer , less than 2% to reach the Earth's surface , and the afternoon in the summer will be particularly strong .
UVB erythema ultraviolet radiation on the human body has the role of minerals can promote the body metabolism and the formation of vitamin D , but long-term or excessive exposure may cause skin tanning , and cause redness peeling.
UV health lights, grow lights is emitted through the use of special purple glass ( not less light through 254nm ) and peak at around 300nm phosphor material.

UVC wavelength of 280nm, also called short-wave ultraviolet light sterilization .
Its ability to penetrate the weakest , most impenetrable transparent glass and plastic .
Sunlight contains UV almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer . Shortwave ultraviolet radiation on the human body great harm , short time exposure can cause skin burns , long-term or high-intensity radiation can also cause skin cancer.
UV germicidal lamps emit UVC UVC is .

The principle of diffuse reflection
When a beam of parallel light rays onto the rough surface , the surface will reflect the light towards the sides , although parallel to each other so that the incident ray , the normal direction of each point is inconsistent, resulting in different directions reflected light reflected irregularly , this reflection is called " diffuse reflection " or " diffuse ." This reflected light is called diffuse light. Many objects , such as plants , walls, clothing, etc. , which may seem smooth and rough surfaces , but careful observation with a magnifying glass , it will see the surface is uneven , it would be parallel sunlight reflected by these surfaces , diffuse ground fired in different directions .
Diffuse light refers to light emitted from the light source into the sample interior , through multiple reflections , refraction, scattering and absorption of light returned to the sample surface . Diffuse light is analyzed with the sample molecules play a role in the subsequent internal light , carrying a wealth of sample structure and organization of information . Compared with the diffuse transmitted light , transmitted light, although the sample is loaded with the structure and organization of information, but the intensity of the light transmitted by the sample thickness and optical transmittance of the irregularity of the process of impact, therefore, diffuse reflection (diffuse re-flectance) measure the composition and structure of the sample extract more direct and reliable information aspects .
Integrating sphere is a commonly used measurement of diffuse reflectance accessory world. After the incident light into the sample , some of which diffuse back to the integrating sphere , the sphere after repeated diffuse reflection inside the detector. Since the signal level of light from scattering after the giving of a space integral sphere , so the diffuse reflectance measurement can overcome the influence of random factors , to improve the stability and reproducibility of data is diffuse and specular reflection of light follow the same law of reflection .

Diffuse chemical effects
With the rapid development of spectroscopy , optical measurements characterize the surface already occupies a very important position , determined by measuring the dye , a pigment and developed UV-visible diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRUVS) for detecting a non-monocrystalline material is an effective method, catalyst structure study , DRUVS been used to study the structure of transition metal ions and their compounds , the active ingredient and the carrier interactions.
Catalytic hydrogenation of carbon dioxide methanation sentence ( respectively supported Fe, C., Ni, Ru , etc. ) the system to add the transition metal , VIIIB metals and rare earth catalysts DRUVS induced changes in the characteristics information to determine a multi-component catalyst component , the interaction between the carrier component and the results of the catalytic activity , a new species of the resulting catalyst , can be F (R ∞) changes in the value of quantitative calibration of the size of its catalytic activity .

    Its current applications involving pharmaceutical, health care , chemical industry , environmental protection , geology, machinery, metallurgy , petroleum, food, biological , materials , measurement science , agriculture, forestry, fisheries and other fields of research, teaching and other aspects, can made spectrometer used for professional qualitative analysis , purity test , structural analysis, complex composition and stability constants of the reaction kinetics and so on.
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