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UV drying equipment operation and operation
Date:2013/6/7 12:50:28
UV drying equipment operation and operation
      Users can according to UV light for UV ink curing mechanism, the use of ultraviolet, infrared, cited three light wrinkle control systems into one, to meet the needs of any UV ink curing, the scope is extremely broad. Transmission network adopts stepless speed control, you can set the optimum curing effect according to the transport network speed.
     However, in actual operation, during operation, according to the different types of UV ink performance, features selected, open the UV light source to match.
 1. If the desired curing UV inks dry matte, refractive ink and other techniques, you can open the spout located 5kw ultraviolet lamp, and increase adhesion; health classes can also press box before opening the 1st, the 2nd ultraviolet lamp, avoid direct light leakage, eye damage, ultraviolet light can also be fully open, according to the production situation conveyor speed adjustment, set the desired temperature.
2. If the desired light curing and drying of the ink is UV inks wrinkles, you can open the lead in the inlet and outlet wrinkle light switch at 5kw curing lamps, this design can be extended primer wrinkle distance, improve cited wrinkle effect, and then by the material at high pressure mercury lamp, you can dry and cure.
3. If the desired light curing and drying of the ink is UV Ice ink, you need to open the infrared, ultraviolet two sources. Ink by IR illumination 25-35 seconds, and then after 10-20 secs UV radiation, instantly showing Ice effect. Ink can be fully cured.
      In the production of the curing process, the user can set the desired temperature curing conditions, adjust the transmission rate, by the conversion efficiency switch, adjust the working intensity lamp, lamp height adjustment to select the number of open tubes, in order to achieve high efficiency, light the best working condition good curing effect, both to improve production efficiency and save energy consumption.
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