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BIKESU Terms of Service
Date:2013/3/2 13:17:19
Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of speed Terms of Service

Than City Branch speed Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. bikesu.com website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") acknowledgment of the Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Service") rights and acceptance of the website of the electronic services of ownership and operating rights Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of speed Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "than the Bureau speed technology company") all. This website will be provided in accordance with the relevant provisions and rules of publishing services.

The service overview this website use its own operating system to provide users with network services through the Internet. Mainly the following aspects:
(1) from time to time by the network service system to provide users with a variety of information related equipment, instrumentation, tools, equipment, and other products;
(2) from time to time by the network service system for users to send instruments, tools, equipment, and other promotional discount or other commercial service information;
(3) equipment, instruments, tools, equipment, and other products to provide users with other related services.

The services terminate this website is committed to do its utmost to maintain the normal operation of the network services of this website, while retaining the right to interrupt one or more network services based on the actual situation. Network services as a result of system maintenance or upgrades need to be suspended, the site will notice as far in advance as possible, but the website is not responsible for any personal or third-party may at any time interrupt service.

Solemnly declare product information published on this site are to prevail in kind.

Shenzhen than Division Speed Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the final interpretation of the Terms of Service.

Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of speed
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